RO Good Practices


Diversifying Cockle Picking


Tanning fish skin


Fishing festivals & activities


Marine protected area management


Pescatourisme 83


School project


Commercialisation goose barnacles products


Valuing vendace roe


Seaweed production


Sea dining room


Arts and fisheries festival


Developing recreation area


Axis 4 delivery model Finland


Fishermen & researchers cooperation


Axis 4 delivery model Denmark


Diversifying captures


Developing seal safe trap nets


Mar Galaica Integrated tourism package


À l’Ostendaise Promote new market for local fish


Benboa restaurant bar & delicatessen


Fish from the auction


Drecklyfish Selling local seafood Twitter


Seafood basket scheme


Loestamospescando online fish sales


Hotel A de Lolo


Women entrepreneurs


Fisheries sustainability study


Put & take Recreational fishery


Jammerbugt Boat shop


Attracting young people to professional fishing


Aquamar Water purification


Mistral sweet factory & cafe


Business & accounting training


Bagenkop fish trading company


Getting young people into fishing


EMPREAMAR business mentoring


Fish All Days Home delivery from the boat

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