BG Good Practices


Seaweed production


Sea dining room


Arts and fisheries festival


Developing recreation area


Tourism training for fishermen


Fish handling centre


Tackling water pollution


Jobs injured fishermen


Fishmeal from fish waste


Crab for biomedicine


Supporting Orjaku port


Fishing village


Crab flavouring for export


Ice production


Fish from the Cutter


Multifunctional fish outlet


Fisheries angling & education


Promoting fish markets & culture


Km zero Brand for local sourcing


Online promotion of fishing tourism


Smoked weever fish


Axis 4 delivery model Finland


Fishermen & researchers cooperation


Axis 4 delivery model Denmark


Diversifying captures


Developing seal safe trap nets


Mar Galaica Integrated tourism package


À l’Ostendaise Promote new market for local fish


Fish All Days Home delivery from the boat

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